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Gloria Material Technology Corporation (GMTC) is the first specialty steel manufacturer in Taiwan to engage in the manufacture of special alloy materials.Founded in 1988, located in Hsin - Ying City, in the south of Taiwan. Gloria has set up a continuous production process with melting, LD refining, electroslag remelting, forging, rolling, quenching-tempering factories and finishing facilities.

We provides high quality material to the worldwide such as Ti-alloy, Tool steel, High speed steel, P/M High speed steel, Stainless steel, Quenched-Tempered steel and various ESR materials ..etc. Over the past ten years, we have successfully developed over 500 steel grades.

The quality has been qualified by BSI and DQS for ISO 9002, SGS for ISO 14001, also by GEPS (GE Power System) and SWPC(Siemens- Westinghouse Power Corp.).


Apr.1993 Gloria formally established
Sep.1993 Honored to get ISO 9002 from BCIQ
Oct.1994 Honored to get ISO 9002 from BSI
Jan.1995 P-M H.S.S. acquired from the Industrial Development Bureau
Aug.1996 Honored to get ISO 9002 from Germany DQS
Oct.1996 Honored to get certificate of Chemical property Lab. from Chinese National Lab.
Jan.1997 Acquired commercial Titanium Alloy leading plan from Industrial Development Bureau
Apr.1998 Honored to be awarded for Industrial Technology Advancement in Taiwan R.O.C.
Oct.1998 List on the Taiwan O.T.C exchanged
May.1999Acquired Duplex Stainless Steel leading plan from Industrial Development Bureau.
Jun. 1999 Honored to get ISO 14001 from SGS
Jul. 1999 Renamed as Gloria Material Technology Corporation
May 2000 Awarded as a GEPS supplier and Lab Accreditation
Nov. 2001Awarded as a "Siemens- Westinghouse Power Corp. Supplier"
Feb. 2002 Awarded a " Excellent Emerging Supplier" by GEPS supplier conference.
Sep.2003 Awarded as a Siemens AG supplier.
Sep.2003 Awarded as a Toshiba supplier.

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